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Welcome! We are so glad that you are here!

Please, Join with us, in Community, as we Connect to, Cultivate and learn how to more fully express our Inner Wisdom and Divine Knowing.

Join us in Making Magic and embracing the Mysteries through monthly meditations, transmission teachings and integration practices.

• Step into the fullness of who you are.

• Meet the mundane details and challenging encounters of your life with the full potency of your Presence.

• Transform your life into a Sacred Offering.

• Make every moment Holy, your every action a Prayer, that fills your world with Meaning and Purpose.

• Allow your very Existence be an Inspiration to all those you encounter.

• May your Presence offer Healing to all those who came before and to all those who will come after.

The world needs each one of us, showing up in the fullness of who we are, more than ever. It needs us feeling supported, inspired, clear and joyfully expressed.

This offer is born out or years of requests from students and clients looking for a way to stay consistently engaged with the Inspiring, Stabilizing, Empowering force that is Syntara System.

This offer is born out of years of wanting to share the powerful teachings and transmissions of this work with many, many more people.

We are thrilled to be offering the deep value of this work in a low-cost, accessible way to provide Support, Community, Context and Presence in these wild and changing times we find ourselves in.

In joining, each month you will receive the Syntara System Monthly Transmission, which includes:

Syntara System Energy Forecast (Video)

A video talk with Gitanjali on the current trends of the energy fields that precede our experience in thought and form. This will give you context and guide you in how to best meet and work with what is arising currently in your life each month.

Guided Meditation & Healing Transmission (Audio)

These in depth audio recordings will help you to directly experience and work with the present evolutionary energies and currents, allowing them to integrate in the most grounded, granular, coherent way into your body, spirit, mind, relationships and life. While these recording won't be as specific as a one on one session, the depth, impact, and healing potentials will be similar in nature.

Practices for Integration and Embodiment

Suggested practices to help you deepen your embodiment of Spirit. These practices will increase the integration and beneficial impact of the transmissions and new awarenesses in your life and world.

Access to the Current Content Hub

All the podcasts, videos, interviews and articles that have been published in the past month by Gitanjali and other Syntara System Collaborators centralized in one place.

Additional Resources Include:

Access to the Syntara System Foundational Classes

A selection of Syntara System's most valuable foundational concepts, meditation tools and practices. (This will not include all of the content taught in our trainings, as much of that content needs more personal contextualizing and support.)

Access to The Community Facebook Group

Receive support in community, discussion of concepts, integration of material, sharing of stories and a Q&A forum. (More in depth questions may get a video recorded teaching answer in the next months material).

Discounts and Special Offers

Members will have access to special rates and packages for various live and online classes, trainings and retreats.

Ongoing Access

Access to previous month's content remains accessible to you as long as you maintain your subscription.

Syntara System Monthly Transmissions are put out every month with the Full Moon.

Why the Full Moon?

The full moon is a potent time of expanded awareness and illumination. It is a time when energies are blossoming into their fullness, and we have the opportunity to harvest vast potentials. It is a time of filling up with the new codes of cosmic light that are available to us, and releasing what is displaced. Taking in what is nourishing and letting go of what it is timely to release. It begins a time in the monthly cycle of sorting, re-organizing and re-aligning. Refining our intent and our creations to truly manifest and clear the pathways for what we are wanting to bring forth and experience in our lives.

To keep current with the Moon Cycles, you can add them to your Google Calendar here.

Personal and Professional Uses

Personally: You could use the monthly content and practices as a personal ritual you do with yourself each month with the full moon. It will serve as an anchoring thread that will hold you, inspire and sustain you through life's many cycles.

Professionally: If you are in the healing or helping fields, you can use this content to inspire your teachings, writings and perspectives in your work with others.

So if you're ready to dive in and join us...

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