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Happy Full Moon!

Welcome to August's monthly content!

And to the other side of the eclipse portal!

Some things have changed no doubt. And now we get to explore/create from this new space. 

What do we choose as old patterns have been freed?

It's time to get into the nitty gritty and choose a new route, straight out of the old one, based on our highest alignment, principles, priorities and values.  

It will take some work, and it may be incredibly fun, as we do what we need to really begin living our dreams and potentials to a whole other level. 

We hope the content this month offers you some deep nourishment and support as you bloom forth into the next iteration of yourself. 

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With Love,

Gitanjali and the Syntara Team

Gitanjali Hemp

Gitanjali Hemp

Founder of Syntara System

Gitanjali Hemp is a master energy healer and the founder of Syntara System, a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality that awakens consciousness, inspiring sustainable change. Through it she works with clients and students to help them cultivate awareness of their subtle body and most sacred selves, increasing their capacity for meaningful contribution and fulfilling expression in their lives and work.

She brings 20 years of study and training with healers and masters from some of the world’s richest traditions and most cutting edge healing modalities. She has spent 18 years in active practice, both as a practitioner and teacher: leading retreats, workshops, 18month professional training’s, virtual courses and facilitating ceremonies and Women’s Groups.

There is nothing Gitanjali Loves more than helping people learn how to access and embody their unique brilliance and create their life and world from that place. It is her deep honor to bring this inspiring, life and world changing work to you.

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