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Welcome to the Membership! Let's get you oriented!

We want this to be a super easy and user friendly experience for you. Here are a few suggestions on how best to use this membership.

1) Check out the current Syntara System Monthly Transmission

Each month there will be a new section added that will contain all of the new content for the month, which includes:

• Syntara System Energy Forecast (Video)

• Guided Meditation & Healing Transmission (Audio)

• Practices for Integration and Embodiment

• Current Content Hub

You can easily just look at this content each month and ignore everything else. That would be plenty useful and engaging.

If you'd like to go further...

2) Join The Syntara Community FaceBook Group

We Love comments, feedback, questions... to hear your experiences and stories. Building collaborative community and culture is a big reason for this membership community being born.

What you have to say and share, how you make sense of all of this, matters. It will deepen your own practice and experience and it will do the same for others.

We would rather this be a rich conversation rather than a one sided broadcast of information.

We look forward to seeing you there!


3) Take the Syntara System Foundational Classes.

We are offering these classes to provide as much value and resource as possible- please know they are totally optional! If you start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, no need to absorb everything all at once! We just want to make it available for those who are hungry for the info.

If you are new to this work, these classes contain some of the most foundational pieces of the Syntara System modality. As we go through each month I may suggest going back into one of the classes and doing a particular meditation or practice to support the energies of the month as optional additional support.

Some of you already have experience or training in Syntara System, these classes may be good review for you.

In either case this is an added resource for those who want it. And there will be guidance on when and where these tools and teachings may be most useful as we move through the months. So you can wait for those cues to take a look.

The Foundational Classes include:

• The Torus

• The Seven Aspects of Being

• Increasing Your Capacity, Expanding Your Potentials

4) Check out the archived content.

As the months pass, previous months content will stay up and be archived for you to return to if you desire. While each month the teaching and practice is specific to the month, it will still be useful to return to if you feel inspired.

Many of the cycles are long ones, not staying fixed to a single 30 day period and you may want to go back and revisit some of the practices.

We hope you find some inspiration, meaning, healing and magic here. Thank you for being here with us, it is an honor!

Please direct any logistical questions to info@syntarasystem.com

Syntara System™ is not meant to take the place of allopathic medicine
or clinical psychology. It is very useful in conjunction with them.

Gitanjali Hemp

Gitanjali Hemp

Founder of Syntara System

Gitanjali Hemp is a master energy healer and the founder of Syntara System, a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality that awakens consciousness, inspiring sustainable change. Through it she works with clients and students to help them cultivate awareness of their subtle body and most sacred selves, increasing their capacity for meaningful contribution and fulfilling expression in their lives and work.

She brings 20 years of study and training with healers and masters from some of the world’s richest traditions and most cutting edge healing modalities. She has spent 18 years in active practice, both as a practitioner and teacher: leading retreats, workshops, 18month professional training’s, virtual courses and facilitating ceremonies and Women’s Groups.

There is nothing Gitanjali Loves more than helping people learn how to access and embody their unique brilliance and create their life and world from that place. It is her deep honor to bring this inspiring, life and world changing work to you.

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Welcome to the Syntara System Membership Community!!